How to activate Trend Micro Titanium Tablet Security for Android


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Product: Trend Micro Mobile Security 1.2 for Android – PC World, Currys, Dixons version

Operating System: Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0


Problem: I have a redemption code but am not sure how to use it to get my activation code for the Tablet Security product I purchased from PC World, Dixons or Currys






Please follow the instructions below to fully activate your Trend Micro Titanium Tablet Security for Android.


What you will need:

1. The software installed on your Android device

2. Your 6 digit redemption / registration key



1. Install the software

Install the software in one of the following ways:


- From Android Market on your device: search for the following app: "Retail Pack Purchases ONLY"


- From Android Market on your PC:


- Download the app and follow the instructions:




2. Activate your software

Once the software is installed you will need to activate it with your redemption code that you received when you bought the product:


- On your Android device, open the app Trend Micro Tablet Security




- To begin activation you must provide a valid email address


- Click on Activate.


- If you are asked for an activation code press Menu on your device and then tap Redeem Now to enter your redemption code (registration code)


Description: Description: cid:image005.png@01CC1C60.FB4BAAA0  Description: Description: cid:image006.png@01CC1C60.FB4BAAA0




- Please enter a valid email address ensuring that it is typed correctly as this address will be used to send your activation code to. Your device IMEI or MAC number will be pre-populated into the MEID field.


- Click Next to continue.




- Click Next to continue.


- On the screen you will see your activation code as well as the expiry date and the email address that it was emailed to.




- Take note of the number, go back to the activation screen in Tablet Security and enter the activation code here.


- Click on Save to complete the activation.







Your Tablet Security for Android should now be fully activated and installed and you can start using it.



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