How to add an exception to the firewall in Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security v14/ 2006


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Solution ID: 26628


Description: How to add an exception to the firewall in Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 14




Launch Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 14

  1. Click the 'Network Security' button

  2. Click the Personal Firewall Button

  3. Ensure you have ticked ‘protect computer from Internet Attacks’

    Then click on the active profile which you will find within the ‘Managed profile’ box, highlight this profile (picture above shows Direct Connection as the active profile) then click on Edit.
  4. Click the Exceptions tab on the personal firewall profiles screen.



  1. Click on ADD.


  1. Provide a description to the new rule.
  2. Select for which program the new rule is being created for. If the rule is not for a specific program, select All Applications.
  3. Select which direction of traffic is to be exempted. If both directions are to be exempted, create another exception rule.
  4. Indicate the preferred action for the new rule.
    1. Allow - allows traffic or access to the application(s).
    2. Deny - blocks incoming or outgoing traffic, depending on the previous step.
    3. Warn - displays a notice asking the user to allow or deny traffic.


  1. Indicate the desired protocol. Select TCP/UDP if the protocol is unknown.
  2. Choose whether the rule is for all ports or for a specific port.
  3. Select the preferred IP Setting.
  4. Click OK. The Exception tab reappears.

  1. Make sure that the new rule is in the list and that the box beside it has a checkmark.
    To make sure that the new rule will be executed immediately, move it up to the beginning of the list using the up and down arrows at the right side of the Exception tab screen.

  1. Click OK. The Personal Firewall information reappears.
  2. Click Apply to save the new rule.

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